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Greek Citizenship: A Mythbuster

Is there a difference between Citizenship and Nationality? Is everyone born in Greece automatically entitled to Greek citizenship or must they meet more conditions? Do they receive a national ID within a few months? And what about honorary naturalizations? How easy is it to become a Greek after all?

How much do we really know about Greek citizenship?

The publication “Greek Citizenship: A Mythbuster” aims to fill the information gap and the lack of meaningful dialogue on an issue that concerns us all: citizenship.

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Prisons in Greece: Communication in accordance with Rule 9.2 of the Rules of the Committee of Ministers concerning Nisiotis group of cases (34704/08)

Communication with the DGI Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law, Department for the Execution of Judgments of the ECtHR.

This submission has to be read in relation to the report submitted on the 3rd September 2018 and its addendum of the 16th October 2020 on the Nisiotis group of cases regarding the conditions of detention in prisons in Greece. It aims to provide further information on the current state of the art in relation to detention conditions in Greece and the observance of Art. 3 and to comment on legislative measures taken by the government.

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An end must be put to the risk of the detained student’s life, Vassilis Dimakis

The Hellenic League for Human Rights is following up with great concern the development of the case of Vassilis Dimakis and demands from the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Protection to find an immediate solution to his legal request for access to education without further risk to his health and life. Vassilis Dimakis, who remains in solitary confinement in the basement of the Korydallos Women’s Prison without the necessary educational means (computer, internet connection) in order to attend his classes at the University, announced on May 24 that he resumes his hunger and thirst strike and that he interrupts even the communication with his lawyer.

In the case of the detained student, the deprivation of his educational rights takes place in derogation from the principle of legality and essentially constitutes the imposition of an additional penalty. Democracy, however, cannot and should not be vindictive. The penitentiary policy of a state governed by the rule of law should not be implemented in terms of human degradation and should not be governed by retaliatory logic. The rights, as rules of individual and collective protection, should be applied for all.

We demand from the competent Ministry to respect the rights of the prisoners, implement the current legislation and make every effort to protect the life of Vassilis Dimakis.

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