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Support refugees’ rights


The Hellenic Union for Human Rights is implementing a legal aid program for vulnerable asylum seekers. The program is implemented in Lesvos, where the highest number of arrivals is recorded. Overpopulation and lack of protection are systematically recorded as well.


The implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement has resulted in arbitrary restrictions of asylum seekers’ rights, the decline of procedural safeguards in reception and asylum procedures, either through the amendment of national legislation or by informal changes on existing administrative practices, leading to insecurity and legal uncertainty.

In Lesvos, as in the rest of the Eastern Aegean islands, the system of inadequate identification and recognition of vulnerable groups jeopardizes the effective provision of protection and endangers their health status. The extreme complexity of the asylum procedure, due to numerous administrative, legislative and practical obstacles highlights the need for legal aid as to ensure the application of the specific procedural safeguards applicable to vulnerable asylum seekers.

Within the context the project “Support refugees’ rights”, the Hellenic League for Human Rights aims to:

• provide legal aid and selected legal (court) representation to vulnerable asylum seekers,
• raise public awareness and delve into public debate on the rights of beneficiaries of international protection

The final report is available here

The project is funded under the Open Society Institute (OSI) by the Open Society Foundations [grant OR2018 – 41917]


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