Articles on the Golden Dawn Trial

3/10/14. Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos is jailed ahead of the trial, on charges of leading a criminal organisation (Helena Smith)

16/10/14. Golden Dawn members to be put on trial for criminal activities (Helena Smith)

17/10/14. Prosecutor Dogiakos recommends criminal trial for 67 members of Golden Dawn, including 18 MPs and gives reasons for the trial Mac Con Uladh)

4/11/14. Account by an American journalist who went undercover in Golden Dawn’s meetings in Kalamata (Alexander Clapp)

4/11/14. The trial and reasons for the trial, the growing popularity of Golden Dawn and how its activities are organised and carried out (Manfred Ertel)

13/11/14. The possible dangers of the trial if the prosecution fails (Yiannis Baboulias)

19/11/14. Golden Dawn’s charitable actions for Greeks only are funded by its mafia-like activities involving blackmail, protection-rings and money laundering (Yiannis Baboulias)

25/11/14. Lawyers argue Golden Dawn should be charged as a terrorist organisation, and ask for donations for pro bono lawyers

4/01/15. Golden Dawn struggles to find candidates to fill its electoral lists for the elections, but remain popular (Antonios Galanopoulos)

16/01/15. Older Greeks fear the return of fascism, many Golden Dawn voters used to be communists or socialists in the past (Kostas Kallergis)

23/01/15. Golden Dawn runs a quiet campaign for the elections due to its leaders being behind bars (Costas Pitas)

22/01/15. Golden Dawn still popular despite limited campaigning, because the trial is seen as a ‘political conspiracy’ (Damian Mac Con Uladh)


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