Protecting Freedom of Expression by Supporting the Implementation of ECtHR Judgements

Hellenic League for Human Rights announces its partnership with the European International Network (EIN) in their project ‘Protecting Freedom of Expression by Supporting the Implementation of ECtHR Judgements’ in the Council of Europe Member States.

The project focuses on addressing some of the most pressing challenges faced by European democracies, where free speech violations have become central to the crisis of democratic backsliding. This includes issues such as draconian defamation laws that silence journalists, the undue influence of state or state-affiliated entities on media ownership, and the alarming rise in violence against reporters.

Through this project, we aim at enhancing civil society’s engagement into the implementation process of ECtHR judgments by providing CSOs with comprehensive training, resources, mentoring and overall support in addressing the implementation challenges raised in the specific context of judgments pertaining to freedom of expression. By doing so, we seek to empower our beneficiaries and partners to advocate for and promote free speech reforms in their respective countries.



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