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04/07/2014 Letter on the Syrian chemical weapons' destruction
Letter on the Syrian chemical weapons' destruction to European Commission, Ms. Maria Damanaki, Commissioner for Mairitime Affaires and Fisheries
12/06/2014 Press Release
Fired Cleaning Ladies Beaten outside Greek Ministry of Finance
07/05/2014 Press Release
The continuous sinking of immigration policy
26/03/2014 PRESS RELEASE
Racist Violence Recording Network: Call for the immediate withdrawal of an unacceptable amendment. The protection of racist violence victims must be ensured.
25/03/2014 PRESS RELEASE
SLC: They called the detention of foreign nationals a restrictive measure so as not to confess that the Operation Xenios Zeus was a fiasco...
19/03/2014 PRESS RELEASE
An amendment of racism and impunity
07/01/2014 PRESS RELEASE
The murder of Shehzad Luqman was a hate crime
03/01/2014 PRESS RELEASE
National Action Plan on Human Rights: a quick job of it...
23/12/2013 PRESS RELEASE
You cannot sleep quietly, when others sleep near braziers.
16/12/2013 Partnership of same-sex couples: Establishing a new form of family
27/11/2013 PRESS RELEASE
Government’s belated ‘anti-racism’ does not convince anyone
20/11/2013 PRESS RELEASE
New ‘Code of Immigration and Social Integration': Too little, too late to help immigrants, or 'get out, please'

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