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22/04/2016 Comments - critical remarks on the provisions and implementation of Law. 4375/2016
01/04/2016 Conscientious objectors
03/02/2015 Articles
Articles on the Golden Dawn Trial from International Press
19/12/2014 Greece : Report unveils human rights violations stemming from austerity policy
Downgrading rights: the cost of austerity in GREECE read the report:
18/11/2014 Press Release
Children in cages: there is no end to the shame
12/11/2014 PRESS RELEASE
The arson attack on Athens Voice undermines Greek democracy
31/10/2014 Press Release
Strawberry Pickers Shot by Bosses in Greece
30/10/2014 PRESS RELEASE
When Art Serves Foreign Policy
04/07/2014 Letter on the Syrian chemical weapons' destruction
Letter on the Syrian chemical weapons' destruction to European Commission, Ms. Maria Damanaki, Commissioner for Mairitime Affaires and Fisheries
12/06/2014 Press Release
Fired Cleaning Ladies Beaten outside Greek Ministry of Finance
07/05/2014 Press Release
The continuous sinking of immigration policy
26/03/2014 PRESS RELEASE
Racist Violence Recording Network: Call for the immediate withdrawal of an unacceptable amendment. The protection of racist violence victims must be ensured.

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