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Provision of legal and other essential information to refugees

The project “Provision of legal and other essential information to refugees” is one-year long project started in August 2016 and expected to last until end of August 2017.

The main goals of the project are:

  • To provide legal and other essential information to refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants
  • To Increase  awareness of refugees on their rights, asylum application  procedures as well as on relocation depending on the category of refugees involved
  • To confront and eliminate the misinformation of  the  refugees  from  the network of people who exploit the current humanitarian crisis 
  • To assist in family reunification and submission of asylum applications
  • To identify people who fall under the category of extremely vulnerable for targeted assistance
  • To pursue applicable Strategic Litigation cases before Greek and European courts of justice
  • To refer cases of specific needs to the bodies competent for their treatment
  • To assist the refugee population in treating basic everyday needs through enhanced provision of information with multiple means

The project includes also setting information booths / info-kiosks, as close as possible to the target groups (with touch screens, interacting with the people) in order to provide individualized information.

The project is funded under the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) by the Open Society Foundations [Grant ID: OR 2016-28052]


For further info, visit the webpage: rights4refugees.gr



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