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The REACT programme (Refugee, Assistance, Collaboration, Thessaloniki) concerns the lease of a total of 100 apartments in the municipalities of Thessaloniki, Neapoli-Sykies, and Kalamaria, and the signing of tenancy agreements with 30 families wishing to provide housing to refugees.

The programme has been operating on the basis of 30.05.2016 Protocol of Cooperation, according to which the Municipality of Thessaloniki is the lead partner, so that it may implement the work package for providing shelter  to refugees, asylum seekers, and people eligible for relocation, within the Thessaloniki conurbation, in cooperation with the below partners:

ARSIS – Association for Social Support of Youth

PRAKSIS – Programs Of Development Social Support & Medical Cooperation

The Hellenic League for Human Rights

The Young Men’s Christian Association Thessaloniki

The Greek Council for Refugees

And the Municipalities of Neapoli-Sykies and Kalamaria

The Hellenic League for Human Rights and the Greek Council for Refugees have agreed, in partnership, to provide legal support and advice to programme beneficiaries.

This is a programme of legal support aimed at individuals from vulnerable refugee groups, families with children, people with chronic diseases, the elderly, i.e., individuals who have been selected, on the basis of vulnerability, for housing in apartments while their relocation request is being processed. These individuals have, in the majority, never come into contact with a lawyer, and are not aware of their rights, the processes that are followed, and the options that they must face.

Under the auspices of the programme, the Hellenic League for Human Rights is working with a total of 15 families, housed in 15 apartments and host families, has met with the adult members of each family, and closely follows the progress of each case in the Athens and Thessaloniki Asylum Services. It intervenes by providing documentation and applications, it resolves issues that arise with the Authorities and with private individuals, and it takes care so that programme beneficiaries may enjoy their rights and the programme provisions.

The programme, which is funded and coordinated by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, in partnership with the European Commission, has been extended until the end of 2017 and is currently fully at the stage of implementation.


Since 1.1.2017 REACT has been extented for 12 more months. 

Hellenic League for Human Rights participated in the project since December 2017.


The target for the year 2017 is the creation of 820 reception places and temporary accommodation in rented apartments, 40 placements in host families of Thessaloniki and 28 placements in the Hospitality of asylum seekers.

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