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Position statement on the refugee situation. Phase two: Challenges and weaknesses




In our last report, published one year ago, we argued that the movement of refugees and migrants towards Europe was openly dealt in terms of security;

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Children’s Rights during the Crisis

Children’s Rights during the Crisis

Konstantinos Tsitselikis

Professor, University of Macedonia, President of the Hellenic League for Human Rights

Konstantinos Kousaxidis

PhD Candidate, Panteion University, Member of the Hellenic League for Human Rights

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Comments – critical remarks on the provisions and implementation of Law. 4375/2016

This text has been drafted to provide a critical understanding of the new regulatory framework on the reception and the procedures which apply to asylum and relevant issues.

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Partnership of same-sex couples: Establishing a new form of family

On the occasion of the conviction of Greece following the European Court of Human Rights΅― judgment regarding ‘civil unions’ (Vallianatos and others vs. Greece, 7.11.2013), the Hellenic League

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A road map: What to do with Golden Dawn

The murder of Pavlos Fyssas acted as a catalyst for the key developments that followed on the role of Golden Dawn in Greek political life: its characterization as a criminal organization

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